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Meet your coach

Forever Goal brings a revolutionary and dynamic approach to nutrition and fitness through personality profiling. By knowing your body type you can eat and train in a way that your body will optimally respond to. Forever Goal established this proven coaching program so that the average person can adopt and integrate it easily into everyday life with extraordinary results. Where most nutrition and exercise programs focus mainly on a one size fits all plan, Forever Goal’s integrative approach brings together nutrition, exercise, psychology and science through neurological and personality profiling.

I came up with the idea of Forever Goal to help myself break through some plateaus I was having and to set reasonable goals I could sustain long term. A reminder to myself that there really is no failing at anything because I never want to stop growing as a person and improving my life. This mindset has given me a lot of relief and motivates me to continue my life's journey without the frustration. ​

Forever Goal is a Mindset that Supports a Sustainable Lifestyle, One Step at a Time.​

-Pamela Sampson 


Pamela is a USAF Veteran, an Elite Trainer, Certified Nutritionist, and Online Fitness Coach. Over the last decade, she has worked with countless clients focusing on weight loss, competition specific training, and general health and wellness.

Her extensive knowledge in fitness and nutrition allows her to provide expert guidance that helps her clients achieve amazing results in fat loss, body composition changes, more energy and confidence.

Pamela believes fitness and nutrition should be made enjoyable so that it becomes an integral part of a clients life as opposed to a temporary program or plan. She encourages her Forever Goal mindset that supports a sustainable lifestyle, one step at a time.

Pamela Sampson