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Fall Forward Challenge 2020

Full Body Workouts, Inspirational Recipes, & Self Care 5 Week Program

A preventive program that keeps your motivation with flexible & nutritious recipes, fun & challenging workouts done at home or the gym, and body honoring selfcare kinesiology. This program is encouraged to be repeated for continued benefits. 

Breakdown of Guide:

  • PDF download to your account and can be printed
  • Selfcare routines with video instructions for EFT & RPR
  • Inspirational Daily Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, & Snack recipes to fuel your Day.
  • Detailed & organized PDF for each workout with instructional pictures
  • 2 Phase program. 1st phase-2 weeks/2nd phase: 3 weeks
  • Workouts are between 18-55min. depending on the day

This Ebook is for intermediate and advanced gym or home goers looking for a change and a challenge. Improved cardiovascular, muscle endurance, gaining strength & muscle definition. 

Equipment needed for this program: dumbbells, barbell (optional), glute band, jump rope, step/stool, access indoor or outdoor cardio.

*This is a Digital Download that will be downloaded to your Forever Goal Account instantly. 

*No refunds after purchase download.