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Challenger Training Program

I created this bite size 6 week trainer for those who want a Total Body Sculpting and Fat Burning Conditioning routine that can be executed in a gym or at home. A flexible trainer guide for the busy person you are, who can't always make it to a gym. So instead of ditching all efforts because you can't make it to a gym during the next 6 weeks, this trainer gives you the options to customize it to fit your lifestyle. Helping you reach your goals faster!


Gym Equipment needed: dumbbells, a bench, barbell & plates, cable machine, pullup machine, leg extension machine 

At-Home Equipment needed: bands, dumbbells, a bench, pull up machine/bar and treadmill/outdoors. 

Video Guide: I've linked videos of me on the trainer performing each exercise correctly using minimal equipment you can do at home. 


*This is a Digital Download that will be downloaded to your Forever Goal Account instantly. 

*No refunds after purchase download